At Hume loan services , we understand there are special times in life when you could use a little extra cash for things like planning a wedding, taking a well-deserved holiday, completing some home renovations or giving the kids a high-quality education.A personal loan is a short term loan of typically 5-7 years, often with interest rates higher than that of mortgages but lower than that of a credit card, offering a useful solution for those special projects. Also, because you are assessed based on your credit risk and experience, the turn around time for approval is usually much faster than that of a mortgage too.
we do all the legwork by comparing multiple products from a range of lenders so that we track down competitively priced personal loans that let you achieve your goals.

Here are the types of personal loans



If you are purchasing a major item such as a car , or if you own one already, a lender may be willing to take it as a security for the loan. This could mean that you are entitled to a lower rate than that of an unsecured loan as the lender has a lower risk of loss if you fail to make your repayments. It can also mean that you have a higher chance of getting approved.



Unsecured loans are those that do not require you to own any assets to apply, whilst also giving you greater flexibility to use the funds as you wish. However, it is important to be aware that the interest rates are often higher than secured loans as the lenders perceive these loans to be a higher risk because you have nothing to fall back on if you can not make repayments.


When it comes to choosing a home loan, there are many factors to consider on top of interest rates. Having the right facilities could save you big time in the long run, so it's worth understanding what's available in the market and the benefits offered by different loan features.

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